New Hilton 700T Aerial Platform

New Hilton 700T Aerial Platform
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In 2011 Hilton presented the new Hilton 700T aerial platform with a maximum working height of 70m! With this new aerial platform Hilton is able to offer a full range of aerial platforms with working heights of 17,5m, 24m, 27m, 32m, 34m, 53m and 70m. The new 700T does not only offer an extreme working height but also an outreach of 26m with 310kg cage load. The cage is equipped with an electical operated Akron monitor with a capacity of 2.500 ltr/min. Due to the use of high tensile steel material the maximum weight of this platform is only 33,5t which makes it a very compact and light vehicle in the 70m category. Optional the vehicle can be equipped with a hydraulic driven Godiva WS 4010 waterpump with a capacity of 4.000 ltr/min. The standard watertank has a capacity of 2.000 ltr and is made out of glass fibre reinforced polyester. Additional options include a Fire Dos foam mixing system and many more.

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