Combined Aerial Rescue Pumpers

During the last years Hilton has become a specialist for combined aerial rescue pumpers (CARPs).

These vehicles a world-wide unique combination of a telescopic boom with rescue cage and tank pumper / rescue vehicle.

More and more customers around the world are looking for compact multifunctional vehicles to cover multiple emergency scenarios with one vehicle. This saves costs and time and can be a very efficient solution.

The Hilton CARPs can also be equipped as rescue unit of equipped for industrial fire brigades, airports and special applications.

Main advantages:

  • Telescopic boom made of high tensile steel (lasser welded)
  • Maximum cage load of 300kg on 4x2 chassis and up to 600kg on 6x4 chassis
  • High stability: Operational up to 8 Bft wind speed
  • Compliant with EN1777 and EN1846
  • Telescopic top boom for up and over reach up to 8m
  • GRP bodywork, 100% corrosion and maintenance free
  • Integrated water tank for maximum equipment storage capacity
  • Hilton CAN-bus technology
  • Hilton comfort control panels for extremely easy operation
  • Cabin: 1+2, 1+5, 1+8 and others on request
  • Breathing apparatus in the cab: up to 8 sets
  • Pump capacity: 3,000 l/min at 10 bar / 400 l/min at 40 bar (Godiva/Magirus pump)
  • Different tank volumes from 1.500-3.000l other sizes on request

CARP 320T on 4x2 chassis

The Hilton CARP 320T 4x2 is a unique multifunctional compact vehicle. The telescopic boom is produced in a lightweight construction by using special high tensile steel material and cutting-edge laser welding technology. This enables us to combine the performance of a 32m platform with sufficient payload for the standard firefighting equipment and a 1500l water tank. The cabin is delivered in a 1+5 setup in standard version and different cabin configurations are available on request.  The Hilton CARP 320T is a unique and compact rescue unit which combines 2 vehicles in 1.

CARP 320T on 6x4 chassis

The Hilton CARP 320T 6x4 is the larger version of our combined vehicles for additional locker space or extra-large water and foam tanks. Especially for industrial applications this vehicle is very interesting because of its multifunctional performance. 

CARP 175K on 6x4 chassis

The CARP 175K is a compact combination vehicle with a 17m articulated arm. With a 4000l water tank and hydraulic driven water pump (Godiva/Magirus) the vehicle can be used as pumper while the articulated arm can be used for rescue operations or as water tower. The body is a full GRP construction which optimizes the payload. This vehicle concept is an ideal solution for fire brigades with limited staff as well as in rural areas.

Please contact us for more information about our CARPs.