New 15 year contract signed with Safety Region Hollands Midden

New 15 year contract signed with Safety Region Hollands Midden
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Hilton signed a new contract for the supply and maintenance of maintenance of 8 turntable ladders Magirus M32L-AS with the Safety Region Hollands Midden. The turntable ladders are the most technical advanced ladders on the market and offer a unique performance. Articulated ladders offer their full benefit in city centres or with objects that can only be approached from one side. For roof fires or rescuing people from attic apartments, the articulated arm provides optimal access. The Magirus M32L-AS turntable ladder with its new, patent pending Magirus single extension system enables to first extend only the top section of the ladder - only then all the other ladder sections. The improvement of weight distribution over the axles, the relief of rear axle and a basic reduction of the total weight of the vehicle allows more payload for more technical fire-fighting equipment. Furthermore it comes with more outreach thanks to reduction of weight on the ladder top. In combination with the Mercedes Atego 6x2 chassis with steering rear axle these vehicles will set a new standard in the Netherlands for modern and efficient rescue vehicles.

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