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Since more than 30 years, Hilton Engineering develops and manufactures a wide range of fire fighting vehicles. Hilton is one of the leading manufacturers of aerial platforms, and besides also delivers innovative foam vehicles, pumpers, combined aerial rescue pumpers, water/foam booms and customized industrial rescue vehicles.

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World innovation on Interschutz 2015! – The CARP320T
During the Interschutz 2015, Hilton introduced a new combined aerial rescue pumper. The new vehicle concept gained a lot of interest from international fire brigades. The vehicle is completely build according to EN 1777 and EN 1846 1‐3 standard. After 5 years of research and development, Hilton has succeeded to present a 32m aerial platform on a 4x2 chassis in combination with ... ...more »
Delivery new Hilton 530T Aerial platform for the fire brigade of Antwerp
The fire brigade of Antwerp has taken the new 530T aerial platform into operation. The platform has been entirely developed and produced in Maastricht. With this it is the highest modern firefighting platform ever manufactured in the Benelux. ...more »
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